Watch Me Grow, Inc. empowers Solano County families by providing vital resources, uniting and strengthening communities for a brighter future.

Youth Center

Introducing the Watch Me Grow, Inc. Youth Center! Building on our commitment to innovative and culturally sensitive support, our new youth center aims to be a beacon for the young generation of Vallejo. Understanding the unique adversities they face, from trauma to misinformation, our center is devoted to filling the gap in essential resources. In collaboration with a myriad of public agencies and private organizations, our center is poised to offer a suite of services, from job placements to mental health support. Join us in our mission to pave a brighter, informed future for the youth of Vallejo!

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In the U.S., approximately 34.8 million children (ages 0-17) — almost 50% of the nation's young population — encounter adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) which can significantly jeopardize their future health and wellness.

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Our three pillar system forms the bedrock of our approach, built on innovation, collaboration, and sustainable impact


Educating about ACEs illuminates the lasting effects of early adversity on well-being. By spreading awareness, we can foster supportive environments that prioritize healing and resilience.


These moments are more than mere diversions. They reignite hope by hinting at brighter days, reinforce resilience as children venture into the unfamiliar and grow.


We create fresh layers of joy over past pain, each novel experience after trauma isn't just an activity; it's a pivotal step on their healing journey.

Our Childhood Development Programs

Understanding the monumental significance of these formative years, we've designed our childhood development programs as a nurturing environment – much like fertile soil – to ensure every child's potential is recognized, encouraged, and protected.

Nurturing Families to Nurture Children

By supporting parents and families, we not only enhance their quality of life but also ensure a healthier, more stable foundation for children to flourish. ensuring they have the tools and knowledge to navigate the complexities of parenthood. After all, a well-supported parent is in a better position to raise a well-adjusted child.

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